About Daily Matcha

At Daily Matcha we offer high-quality Japanese green teas that, until now, have only been available for the Japanese market. Our teas are handpicked from small artisan tea shops in Japan.

We’ve carefully chosen the most popular and most delicious green teas available for you to sample each month through our exclusive Japanese Green Tea Club.

Just sit back, relax, and sip your new delicious green tea! We’ll take care of the rest!

Meet the People Behind Daily Matcha

Becki and Shawn have traveled extensively throughout Asia and have lived and worked in Japan, China, and Thailand. During their 10 years of living in Japan, they fell in love with Japanese culture and, most of all, green tea. They now drink green tea everyday as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Once back in the United States, they quickly realized that it was extremely difficult to find high quality Japanese green tea. The reason it is so difficult is because Japan only exports a small portion of their tea. This makes it both expensive and hard to find.

The mission at Daily Matcha is to give green tea lovers in America a truly unique opportunity to taste the best teas Japan has to offer. To let you explore the many varieties and tastes that were previously only available to people living in Japan.

Becki Benedict

Rebecka (Becki) Benedict
Sales and Customer Service

Shawn Weldon

Shawn P. Weldon
Website Developer

Miles Carver

Miles Carver
Green Tea Distributor