Discover Japanese Green Tea

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Top 5 health benefits of green tea – From weight management to cancer prevention, find out what researchers are discovering about green tea health benefits.

What is EGCG? – EGCG is most abundant and organically active in green tea. Find out why this is important and how much is too much.

Which green teas have the most EGCG? – The amount of EGCG in loose leaf green tea depends on many factors such as age of leaves and preparation. Find out more.

The 137x antioxidants myth – Many matcha sellers are claiming matcha has 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. Find out why this is not true.

Matcha vs. green tea powder – Matcha and green tea powder is not one in the same. Not all green tea powders are considered matcha. Find out what makes them different.

Organic vs. non-organic matcha – Find out why we drink non-organic matcha, but also when you really should buy organic.

Green tea facts – Get all your questions answered about green tea. Find out about caffeine, catechins, tea bags, skin care, side effects, and more!

types of Japanese green tea – Do you know the difference between all the types of green teas? Learn about 7 types of green tea, so you can make the right choice when buying tea.

Green teas low in caffeine – Find out which green teas are lowest in caffeine and how to minimize the caffeine in all the others.